Are battery cases bad for iphone 6? How to smartly use battery cases?

The recent battery cases introduced with the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, they are specifically designed to give even longer battery life and protection. The soft microfiber lining present on the inside which works to protect your iPhone and on the other hand the soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on the mobile and take it off again.

According to the experts, it is said that mobiles don’t have any bad effect of overcharging as the mobile automatically turn off the charging when the battery reaches 100%. However, in the case of smart battery cases if the battery reduces to 99 or less the charging automatically starts again. This way the battery keeps on recharging as soon as it reaches 99, this continuous recharging leads to heating and therefore, leads to weakening the strength and life of the battery. Since overheating is the killer of any smartphone, users must give time to cool down the battery. Therefore, if we use the battery cases smartly, only placing the battery case when the device needs charging can be helpful and keeps your device and battery safe.

Are battery cases bad for iPhone 6?

Battery cases were specifically designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Therefore, stating if the battery cases are bad for iPhone 6 would be wrong. It depends on how smartly you utilize the innovation with your device. It provides continuous charging without any hustle of plugs and sockets. Shouldn’t it be a blessing to have your phone 100% charged at any time of the day? It is indeed one, but handling it without precaution and make it vice versa so, you must use the battery case when the device needs the battery and not keep it attached all the time, this will heat up your iPhone 6 and cause further problems.

It is also bad to drop the battery to 0% therefore, recharging the battery at 30% to 40% is perfect and will keep your battery healthy. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that battery cases are a fantastic gift to your iPhone 6 yet if not handled correctly can be hazardous and bad for your iPhone 6.  

Are battery cases bad for iPhone?    

After the release of iPhone 6, Apple introduced the smart battery cases. These battery cases are also available for other iPhones. As mentioned above, if the exceptional battery cases are not severe if handled carefully can be bad for your phone and its battery. Battery cases provide convenience in the busy schedule to charge your phone quickly and quickly. You can even charge while using it. Hence, you don’t also have to wait for the phone to charge and then use it but keep applying it all day long.

After several experiments, it was concluded that keeping the battery charged to 100% all day is not healthy as the continuous recharging can heat the device which is extremely harmful to the invention. And so, it is better to recharge the device when it gets empty to 20% to 30% and recharge up to 90- 99%. Recharging it up to 100% is healthy just once a week.

Does battery case damage iPhone?

The smart battery case may damage the iPhone or might not, depending on how it is being used. If a person keeps the exceptional battery case on 24/7, it will heat the device and hence cause storage, voice, and other problems with your iPhone, it may also cause your phone to shut down and in worst cases completely burn your iPhone. While, on the other hand, if the smart is attached only when the device needs charging can keep your iPhone working and helps it protect and give even longer battery life. With a healthy battery, your iPhone can stay usually working and not face any such problem.

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