Which Apple Watch Supports Wireless Charging?

Apple is a pioneer for smart watches, and it has been producing smart watches for years. Apple has launched smart watches with the names: Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. There is one question that comes to your mind when you buy Apple’s smart watch i.e.: Which Apple watch supports wireless charging? The answer is straightforward. All of Apple’s smart watches support wireless charging.

Apple Watch Wireless Charging Pad

Apple’s novel AirPower is a wireless charging pad that clean up the mess of charging cable for your Apple smart watch. The pad has come late in the market, because of the complexity of its circuitry. AirPower will allow users to wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously. How does AirPower work? You should place the AirPower pad on your desk, and then plug it into a power outlet. In order to charge your device, you need to place it on the mat with front facing up, and that is it.

Apple Watch Wireless Charging Standard

Apple watch wireless charging standard are compliant with Qi (energy flow) wireless charging standard. Apple’s charger is Qi-compatible, in spite of the fact that Apple does not support Qi standard. Qi chargers normally feature a transmission pad, upon which a compatible device, like a smart watch can be placed. Apple watch is the first device of the company that supports wireless charging out of the box.  

Apple Watch Wireless Charging Works Only With Its Own Chargers

Apple utilizes the Qi wireless charging standard to oppose the need for lightning ports and cables, but you may have noticed that the smart watch does not charge on a Qi charger. This is because Apple has tweaked the technology to make sure that the watch only functions with its own accessories. This point was confirmed after the company started selling the new Apple watch magnetic charging dock, priced at expensive $79. So the wireless charging for Apple’s smart watches only work with its own chargers.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

You can charge your Apple watch in a flat position with its band open, or on its side with the Apple watch magnetic charging dock. Your watch will mechanically go into nightstand mode, when it will be docked on its side, so you can also utilize it as your alarm clock. The Apple watch magnetic charging dock exploits the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple watch. Apple watch magnetic charging dock is a blessing for you, as it helps you to charge your smart watch effortlessly.

Does Apple Watch Emit More Radiations Due to Wireless Charging?

Radiations are founded on the radio chips, whereas wireless charging works only when there is a wireless charger close by. So, there is no chance of emission of radiations with wireless charging.  

Reviewing What You Have Read Thus far

Let us take a glimpse of what you have read so far. Apple is the leader for creating the smart watches for its addicted users. Wireless charging is supported in Apple’s all series of smart watches. Apple’s watch wireless charging pad, AirPower is simple to use, and it is the first device that supports wireless charging out of the box. Apple’s watch wireless charging standard is compliant with Qi wireless charging standard, and the charging for Apple’s smart watches work with company’s own chargers. Wireless charging for smart watches is not hazardous as it is in the case of radio chips.

So: Are you planning to buy a smart watch with a wireless charger? You should not wait to buy a smart watch if you want to move on with the recent technology.





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