How is the Apple iPhone battery extender case different than third party versions?

Apple vs. third-party battery cases

The use of battery cases is at its peak currently and is expected to rise even more in the coming times. iPhone users mostly use battery cases because the iPhone’s battery life is fragile, and the charging time is too high. Previously, battery cases for iPhone were not made by Apple itself; several other brands made them, but when Apple witnessed the success of the battery cases for iPhones, it started manufacturing battery cases themselves.

However, not all people buy battery cases from Apple; people buy from different manufacturers including Mophie, Foxin, Maxdara, Alpatronix, Anker, Destek and so on. Although Apple battery cases might be useful, the third-party brands’ battery cases outweigh them in many departments. Some of the advantages that third-party battery cases have over Apple’s battery cases are discussed below.

1.    The price

One thing that is not common in most of these battery cases and Apple iPhone battery case is the price. Apple’s smart battery cases are much more expensive than most of these battery cases by third-party manufacturers. Apple’s battery case is priced at $99 per case while you can buy other brands’ cases for as low as $15. It seems like Apple charges the users for its logo only. Apple has created such a brand image that people are ready to pay high amounts of money for products that are just made by them.

2.    Qi wireless charging

Apple’s smart battery cases do not support wireless charging; however, many other battery cases do. For example, Alpatronix BXX for iPhone X. It supports Qi wireless charging, unlike Apple’s smart battery cases. Wireless charging is the future of charging, and Apple knows it too, but still, they have not yet launched a battery case that is compatible with wireless charging.

3.    The case of iPhone X battery case

When Apple skipped launching iPhone 9 before launching the iPhone X, there was a huge surprise and uproar by people for this action of Apple. However, the iPhone 9 is not the only thing which Apple did not launch, and it also missed out the battery case for iPhone X. iPhone X is Apple’s latest flagship phone and people bought it with pure excitement and enthusiasm. However, to everyone’s disappointment, Apple did not launch a battery case for the iPhone X. On the other hand, battery cases for iPhone X are available by third-party manufacturers.


4.    The design choice

Apple’s smart battery case is designed in a way that there is a big battery hump at the back of the case which makes the iPhone look ugly. Moreover, people do not even have much choice in selecting the design in Apple’s battery cases. On the other hand, there are thousands of designs and colors available in the other brands’ battery cases to choose from. Apple’s battery cases are not also very slim and light; other brands’ battery cases are. The design factor is significant for people these days because they want to have a good design on their cases along with good performance.

5.    Battery capacity

Apple’s battery cases lack in capacity just like their primary batteries. The battery cases by Apple are of around 2500 mAh while other brands offer as much as 7000 mAh capacity in their battery cases. People like to have more backup power with them in case their mobiles run out of power, and apparently, they would like other brands’ battery cases over Apple’s on any day.

Apple’s smart battery case is priced at $99 with 2635 mAh capacity while a case by Maxdara is priced at $16 with 5200 mAh capacity with installed LED lights to notify how much charge is left in the battery case and many other features too. Just like the Maxdara’s case, several other battery cases offer much better specifications than Apple’s battery cases in much fewer prices.

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