How to fix apple iphone battery case problems?

Apple smart battery case problems

Battery cases are just like ordinary protective cases which also provide your phone with the charging when it needs it. Talking about the users of battery cases, there are lots and lots of those using iPhones too, because iPhone’s battery life is too short, and the charging time is too long, making it compulsory for users to have a power bank or a battery case with them all the time in case their iPhones run out of power. However, the usage and carrying of power banks are too irksome because they involve the utilization of wires and are heavy also.

The battery cases for iPhones were not made by Apple itself, previously; other brands manufactured them. However, Apple did certify those third-party battery cases as Made For iPhone (MFi) products(not all of them), making them reliable to use. Anyways, when Apple witnessed the success of battery cases for iPhones, it started manufacturing battery cases under its brand name and started calling it the ‘smart’ battery case. As expected, the sales for these smart battery cases boosted right from when they were first launched. However, there are several Apple iPhone battery case problems which have got to people’s concern.

How to turn off Apple battery case?

You cannot because there is no button to do so. People using battery cases are always recommended to switch off their battery cases when it is not being used, but Apple’s smart battery case goes exact opposite here and does not have an on/off button in the first place. What did Apple think by not providing an on/off button in their battery cases? See, this is where the smartness of the smart battery case comes in.

The situation here is just like a part of your battery. It charges the iPhone battery when it is below 100% but stops when it reaches 100% and prevents the iPhone from being overcharged, quite smartly. You can also view how much charging is left in your battery case by merely observing the iPhone’s notification bar. This is another thing which makes the Apple’s battery case smart: its compatibility with the iOS.

Apple smart battery case not charging

iPhone users buy battery cases because of the iPhone’s charging issues. Now, on top of that, what a nightmare it would be if their battery cases, too, stop charging. Such things have happened in the past and are happening in the present. However, most of the times the problem is not as big as we assume it is. The smart battery case might stop charging due to several issues.

First of all, you might be using faulty or unsupported charging material to charge your battery cases. Damaged charging equipment will not charge the battery case. So, you will have to buy new charging equipment or use someone else’s.

Secondly, you might be charging your battery case and the iPhone together. Although Apple claims that you can safely charge your battery case and the iPhone along with the case attached to the iPhone, it is not entirely accurate. When you charge your battery case and the iPhone together, the charger first charges the battery case which further charges the iPhone, and once the iPhone is fully charged, will the battery case start charging. Now the battery case might stop charging entirely if it does not get enough power or up to the mark quality of power because much of the power is wasted in between while the battery case is charging the iPhone. Charging this way is quite dangerous too because the heat emitted by the batteries get trapped in, leading to the chances of fire, explosion, or long-term damage to the battery.

Thirdly, there might be debris or dirt in the lighting port of your smart battery case which might be preventing the battery case and the charger from establishing a stable connection leading to the stoppage of charging. You can clean the port with the help of a toothpick, a pin or any other thin object. A bit of alcohol can help wonders because it is a good cleaning agent and evaporates quickly too.

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