What is the best Anti-Theft Travel Backpack?

Would you ever leave your car unlocked at a crowded place? Would you ever risk leaving your phone out in the open, even at a restaurant? Could you just hand some random stranger your credit card and expect them not to use it without your permission? Would you wear all your expensive jewelry in the open on a dark street? Your answer to all these questions was probably a “no” because you do realize the threat of your belongings being taken away. You know that, if left unguarded, you are very likely to lose your possessions.

Backpacks vs. Thieves

At times, you will lose your possessions even when you did not leave everything unguarded. You were very much aware that your stuff was in your backpack and then when you got home and checked, it just was not there! How could that even be? Well, this is how it goes in a world full of skilled thieves. Pickpockets have now become so good at what they do that they almost never get caught. In addition to that, the fact that they operate in groups makes it even more difficult to catch the person responsible.

Anti-Theft Backpacks at gizmoist.com

To prevent any such occurrence to scar you, backpack manufacturers have come up with a new technology of backpacks, called the anti-theft backpacks. These backpacks prevent, as much as possible, the risk of thievery and even mugging. The Anti-theft canvas backpack with USB Charging Port at gizmoist.com is one of the best anti-theft backpacks in the market with its 15-inch capacity, top zipper closure, and anti-theft features. These special features in an anti-theft backpack are what really make them worth it:

  • RFID blocking: The RFID chips on your credit and debit cards can be tapped with special frequencies. The data on your card can then be replicated and used without your knowledge. Although you will find out sooner or later, by the time that you do, your account will all be used up. Anti-theft backpacks prevent any such scenario from taking root by blocking all these frequencies, preventing your identity theft.
  • Slash safe material: Usually, when anything ever does go missing from your backpack, you will find a cut on your backpack. This is because it is much easier to just slash at your backpack and get whatever you find instead of trying to open the zipper. Anti-theft backpacks are made from slash safe material, which means they cannot be cut through. The only way in is through the zipper.
  • Wire-lined straps: In addition to the material on backpacks being slash-safe, the straps of an anti-theft backpack are lined with metal wires. This is to prevent any case of anyone cutting the strap off your shoulder and running away with your backpack.

How to Choose an Anti-theft Backpack?

Given the advantages that an anti-theft backpack entails, it is obvious that you should be very careful in choosing such a backpack. There is no point getting a sub-par anti-theft backpack to save some money and then the quality of the backpack does not even make it worth the money and someone does manage to get through to it and you lose your belongings.

To make sure this does not happen to you, you should always make sure that the backpack you are buying is up for the job you must make sure that you confirm with the salesperson, the level of durability of the material that the backpack is made of; it must always be at least level 2.

Next, the padding is very important. Make sure there is enough padding to prevent any back or shoulder injuries to you. You can get a backpack as great as the Oxford 17-inch travel proof rucksack from gizmoist.com that has dedicated pockets for all your personal belongings with waterproofing and anti-theft features or the Shell Shaped Leather Backpack with its great look and anti-theft features to keep you looking fly on the go.

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