Are anti-theft backpacks worth the money?

When it comes to backpacks there is a wide variety of choice available. You can buy travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, school backpacks, waterproof backpacks and so on. However, the most complex of all these is perhaps an anti theft backpack. Why, you ask? Simply because it has been specifically engineered to protect your belongings and restrict the action of any thieves or muggers. In some cases, this might also mean that your safety and health is not compromised.

Does an Anti-Theft Backpack Even Work?

When it comes to anti theft backpacks, people might not always be willing to believe that any device could keep the evil intentions of any individual at bay. They may say this because they are a staunch believer of the fact that there is no such thing as a fool proof plan; indeed, there is not. However, that does not mean that you stop making any efforts to protect your own self or your belongings.

When you do the most you can to prevent such an occurrence, you take away the motivation from the person looking to take away your belongings. This mental attack on the thief is sometimes enough to protect you. So, the next time someone says there is no point in going for an anti theft backpack, do not listen to them.

You can get the Anti-theft canvas backpack with USB Charging Port at This backpack not only has great waterproofing, but the zipper closure and anti theft features of this backpack make it the perfect backpack to have.

What Really Makes an Anti Theft Backpack Worth it?

Now that you understand that an anti theft backpack really is worth it, you should also know why it is worth it. After all, you cannot just take anyone’s word for it. has a great variety of anti theft backpacks such as their Oxford 17-inch waterproof rucksack or their Laptop Backpack and their So, here are the reasons that make an anti theft backpack worth it:

  • Slash-resistant material: The outer covering of an anti theft backpack is made up of very strong material (even Kevlar at times). This makes it impossible to cut through the outer covering and sneak into your possessions. This also makes your backpack extremely durable.
  • Wire-lined Straps: cases of backpack theft usually involve a cut and run case. The thief comes running, slashes at the bag strap with a sharp knife, and runs away with your backpack. However, when it comes to anti theft backpacks, not only is it nearly impossible to cut through the strap, but the metal wire running through the straps makes it completely fool proof (oh well, there you have it; fool proof).
  • RFID blocking: Identity theft is a major crime and one that is one of the most beneficial ones out there. Thieves try to leave out stray frequencies that, upon contact, tap into your credit card or any other micro chip using technology. The thief can then use the money in your bank account to make transactions and you would not even find out until it is too late.
  • Locked Zippers: When you think about it, having hidden zippers should be enough to prevent any occurrences of thievery. However, considering that hidden zippers only work as long as the thief does not have enough time. Given that your backpack is just kept somewhere and you are not going to be around for a while, the thief has enough time to figure out what zippers are hidden where, so the hidden zipper idea will not work. In such a case, the most appropriate measure to take, is to lock your zippers. This will be completely effective since the thief cannot get into your backpack, either by cutting, or by opening the zipper. Anti theft backpacks have lock features installed so you do not have to go out and get a padlock and take care of it all the time.
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