8 Essential Things to Consider While Going for Ghost Hunting

Preparation and good planning are needed in all phases of life; and especially so for ghost hunting! You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared.

Ghost hunting is a paranormal investigation, investigating locations reportedly haunted by ghosts and spirits. Ghost hunting is an experience which some may find spooky but for ghost experts and paranormal enthusiasts, it is an adventure worth going. Like the saying goes, “a ghost hunter is only as good as the ghost equipment they possess”. 

Let’s dive into the essential requirements for a ghost-hunter. 

1. Never Walk Alone

Why? You may be wondering. 

The first rule of ghost hunting is never to go alone. It is always advisable and better to go along with people you know, and trust in case some issues arise. Ghost hunting is always fun in a group as it is an adventure that is more enjoyable in a group setting. It is also important to let your family, friends and loved ones know where you are going, when you’re going and when you will be coming back. Carrying an identity card on you also comes handy.

2. Research, Research, and more Research

For an expedition as serious as ghost hunting, you can never be too prepared. 

It is advisable to know as much as you can about the location, and you can gather this information by: asking witnesses, examining the site and probably checking it out during the day to observe any particular quirks you should be familiar with. This will certainly make your adventure smoother. 

3. The Right Equipment

Yes, you do require precise equipment to detect spirits and images of paranormal activities. For instance, every ghost hunter knows not to go for an expedition without vital equipment like: 

  • Pen and paper for taking notes of investigation, jotting observations and keeping track of events; 
  • A flashlight to navigate in the dark area, 
  • A fully charged phone in case of necessity or urgent phone call, 
  • A monocular thermal imager like the scout TK, and 
  • A parabolic listening device. 

Notes taken should be on significant things with evidence and not based on sentiments.

4. Level of Preparation

Ghost hunting isn’t something you dabble into without adequate preparation. 

Some of the questions to ask yourself, so as to gauge your level of preparedness include: 

  • Are you physically fit? 
  • Are you mentally capable? 
  • Have you done a wide range of research? 
  • Do you have the requisite clothing? – Preferably loose clothing 
  • Are your devices functional and well-charged? 

5. Cost Assessment

A thorough cost assessment is also needed prior to ghost hunting. What will be the total cost of ghost hunting? What do you need to get? How far a distance is it, and what will it cost you to get there? These are essential things to consider when going ghost hunting. 

For instance, to get a reliable monocular thermal imager like the scout TK, you need to have saved up a substantial amount of money. Knowing if you can cover these costs will help make your adventure enjoyable. 

6. Safety Assessment

More than any other period, we live in very sensitive times and you must consider your safety all the time. 

Nothing is worth your safety! While ghost hunting is an exhilarating adventure, and sometimes a way to collect evidence and proof; nothing is worth your safety. As a matter of fact, ghost hunting is meant to be fun and shouldn’t be undertaken if it is not safe. 

This is why a proper cross examining of the location to assess for safety, is essential prior to your journey. 

7. Find an Accessible Location

This brings us to our next consideration- the accessibility of the location. 

Ghost hunting might not be so easy without a readily accessible location. When doing your research and gathering information, finding out a location that is easily accessible is worth contemplating about. Preferably, your location of choice should be private and untampered, except with permission from the owner. This means you would also need to collect permission from the owner prior to ghost hunting. As much as possible, you should avoid trespassing, as this can lead to a legal suit.

8. A Sharp Instinct

As you go ghost hunting follow your instincts, tread carefully and leave the location as soon as you find out what you want to. Remember that ghost hunting can be quite dangerous, and as such, you must be on guard so as to avoid any kind of harm. 


Ghost hunting can be such a fun, yet important expedition. To make the best out of it, it is best to invest in the right kind of equipment; specifically those that would readily aid the detection of spirits and capture essential photos/images of paranormal activities. A good way to thoroughly document your ghost hunting adventure is by owning a recording device that measures temperature (FLIR Scout TK), allows you to see beyond your environment, locate and visualize paranormal activities, cold spots, handprints and display information on the screen. Wouldn’t that be simply superb? 

Along with the purchase of such sophisticated equipment, other factors to consider before ghost hunting have been discussed in this article. We hope that when next you journey down the halls of a haunted house, or the basement of a bewitched sanatorium in search of spirits and ghosts; you would be in the best possible shape, and thoroughly enjoy your adventure! Doing all these will give you a higher advantage and aid your ghost hunting experience.

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