3 GogoPDF Tools to Help You Simplify Your Life

One of the primary reasons people don’t utilize PDF as their file format is that it’s challenging to manage. It can be inconvenient to use such a file format since specific other platforms cannot read it. And, because the PDF file format has become the norm, especially in several fields, it is now widely utilized by most persons who work with digital files or documents.

Regardless, GogoPDF is an internet software that can assist you with your PDF issues, so a PDF file type will no longer be a problem. You can unlock, combine, protect, convert, edit, split, and a lot more into your PDFs. Using its outstanding capabilities, it will also address any problems that may arise. Here are several GogoPDF tools that maybe you should be aware of for future use.

Convert PDF

Because not everyone is familiar with PDF as a document format, GogoPDF can help you convert your PDF to various other file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, JPG, and more. And the good news doesn’t stop there: you can also convert different file types to PDF, you can do XLS to PDF, PPT to PDF, and so on; it’s like a vice versa thing. Conversion is not an issue for GogoPDF because they specialize in it. So, in seconds and with only a few clicks, the feature may convert PDFs with simplicity.

You may convert several files to or from PDF simultaneously using GogoPDF, which is an excellent benefit if you have many files to convert. Using this program will ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties. The covert toll will transform your files into your desired file format in only a few clicks. To convert your files, follow the simple procedures below:

  1. Select the file you wish to convert from one format to another.
  2. The file will be collected and scanned by the GogoPDFs program.
  3. Wait for the system to replicate the original file’s layout completely. Wait for the procedure to be finished.
  4. Your newly converted file should be saved and downloaded.

Split PDF

This application makes it quick and straightforward to split PDF files into pages. This method may either extract a single page from a PDF file or divide the pages of a PDF file into separate pages. It’s a handy tool if you have an issue with your PDFs or a specific page of your document that needs to be fixed.

You may alternatively copy the split pages into a new PDF file, which will create a new PDF for the original pages. One of the advantages of this feature is that it eliminates the need to scan pages one by one because you may preview all of them. You may then pick what you’d like to separate and what you don’t want to remove from the file.

  1. You may either drag and drop your PDF file onto the splitter area or get it from your computer.
  2. Select how you would like your PDF files to be partitioned, then hit the relevant button to start the extraction.
  3. Wait as gogopdf splits PDF files into the number of pages you want.
  4. You may now download your new PDF files! Save them to your PC or share them across all of your social networking websites!

Compress PDF

Most PDF files are enormous, which is inconvenient for most people when they come across one, especially those who do not often utilize the PDF file format. The file size of a 1GB PDF is reduced by 70% with this compressed PDF tool. This helpful tool is entirely free to use, and you will not have to pay anything to utilize it. Even if the function is free, lowering the file size does not affect the output quality, which means it looks exactly like the original file, with no blur or erased words.

GogoPDF employs cutting-edge technologies that no other program can match. Compressing a vast file is a good idea, especially if you’re sharing or sending data and information through the web or email. Why is it preferable to compress big files before delivering them? Because it will not obstruct your work and will quickly upload your documents.

  1. Upload your PDF file into the conversion box or choose it from your disk.
  2. Your PDF will begin to compress as gogopdf begins to shrink it.
  3. Allow the compression to finish before proceeding. It may take a few minutes to complete this task.
  4. Download the compressed PDF file to your PC or share it across all your social media profiles once compression is complete.


Working with a PDF format is doable if you have the appropriate tools; the software will minimize your PDF issues. GogoPDF will make your life easier, and aside from the numerous features and capabilities it offers, it is also safe and comfortable to use. Uploads to their webpage will be deleted automatically, and no one can access them.

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