Will a 15.6 inch laptop fit in a 15 inch backpack?

Will a 15.6 inch laptop fit in a 15 inch backpack?

Backpacks are one of the most versatile products to have graced the consumer markets. There are several uses that you can get out of a backpack. Whether you need it to carry your books and stationery or you have to go out for a few days and take some clothes, your backpack will always come in handy. Moreover, if you ever need to go shopping and are very against the concept of plastic bags, you can take along a backpack to carry all the items.

Backpacks for laptops at gizmoist.com:

Traditionally, only messenger backpacks were used for carrying around laptops, but now, normal backpacks have been installed with padded pockets for laptops. These backpacks not only look better, they also restrict the injuries caused by one-strap messenger backpacks. Moreover, a great drawback of messenger backpacks is that they are extremely easy to steal because it has only one strap clinging to your shoulder, which, if cut, gives in rapidly and the thief can run away with your backpack. With two straps, your backpacks cannot be cut off your shoulders as easily.

The Solar Backpack at gizmoist.com is the perfect 15 inch backpack that one could ask for. With water resistance, solar charging, dedicated pockets and great padding, this backpack at gizmoist.com can be bought at the best price possible. You could also buy the Oxford Swiss 17-inch waterproof rucksack or the Anti-theft canvas backpack with its 15 inch space and great anti theft specifications.

Laptop and backpack Dimensions

If you have ever taken your laptop someplace in your backpack, you will know how important it is to get the size right. Laptop backpacks are especially intended for laptop carriage and if they are too small or perhaps oversized for your laptop, the backpack will look either on the verge of tearing or a floppy bag with a cat inside. So, if you do not want to compromise on your style you should be very careful with your backpack size and dimensions.

A great way to get the dimensions right is to know the size of the laptop screen, which is easily available with the specifications of the laptop. So, if your laptop says 15 inches, you can add around a half inch or so to come up with the actual size of the entire laptop. Once you have the size of the entire thing, all you need to do is go out and get a laptop that is somewhat the same size.

A bigger Laptop Than a Backpack?

However, the question here is whether a backpack, that is slightly smaller than the laptop it is to hold, can actually do the job of holding that laptop efficiently. Well, the answer depends on different variables and the answer is subjective at best. Why is it subjective? Simply because some people are different than others. Some people would prefer that when they carry their laptop, charger and various accessories, there still be breathing space for their laptop.

You might still be wondering how it is possible to carry, for instance, a 15.6 inch laptop in a 15-inch backpack. The key is to understand that laptops are measured diagonally across and not separately in height and width. This means that a 15-inch backpack is definitely larger than a 15-inch laptop. Moreover, even if we were to ignore the measurement complexities of laptops and 15-inch backpacks. It is easy to deduce that the squishable nature of cloth and cotton used in a backpack means that a laptop will fit whether it is measured diagonally or not.

It is actually the subjective nature of the question that makes it difficult to handle and understand the reasoning behind the answer. If you are someone who loves to stay neat and tidy and love breathing room you will definitely want to have something bigger than a 15 inch backpack to hold a 15.6 inch laptop. But, you could always work with that sort of a setting if you are not as concerned with the specifications and want to get your work done, you will just go ahead with it.


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